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Portland Heroes Press Release

Islamic Society of Brevard County,

May 28, 2017


The Islamic Society of Brevard County extends its deepest condolences to the families of our heroes, Ricky John Best and Taliesin Myrdin Namkai-Meche who were fatally stabbed, and prays for a speedy recovery to Micah David-Cole Fletcher who was severely wounded by this heinous hate crime. All three stood as true Americans defending a Muslim teenage girl and her friend at a Northeast Portland MAX station on the evening of May 26, 2017.

On this Memorial weekend, we all celebrate heroes that gave their lives defending freedom and democracy, and our Portland Samaritans joined this honor we all cherish.

The Islamic Society of Brevard County is deeply concerned with the unprecedented levels of anti-Muslim hate crimes in America today. We are deeply saddened by the lack of quick response from our President in condemning this hateful crime and celebrating our heroes for standing up for what is right. We urge all Americans to stand united for justice and peace.
In this peaceful month of Ramadan, we welcome any effort to build bridges of understanding and dialogue to overcome hate and extremism.

The Islamic Society of Brevard County held a prayer on behalf of our heroes and joined a fundraising drive that has within the past 48 hours collected over $700,000. Please donate to support the victim’s family at www.LaunchGood.com/Portland.

The Islamic Society of Brevard County is a Brevard County non-profit organization founded in 1988. Our main mission is to establish an exemplar Muslim Community center, through which local Muslims will act as a force for the common good of all people.

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